Mental Health

The number of persons with common mental disorders globally is going up, particularly in lower-income countries, because the population is growing and more people are living to the age when depression and anxiety most commonly occurs.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently estimated that one in four people – about 25% of the world population suffer from mental illness both in the developed and developing worlds.

Mental health depends on the normal functioning of the nervous system, so that the full mind is brought to mobilize all its energy for the outside world. Normal functioning of the nervous system leads to good natural health and thus the body is able to perform the dictates of the mind to fulfill its desires and actions.

As long as coordination between mind and nervous system remains intact, mental health is maintained. When this coordination stops, whether because of some mental or neurological failure, the result is ill. Such a failure of the mind occurred as a result of his inability to fulfill his desires continuously.

The main reason for this is the weakness of clarity and the power of the idea, and thus fails to stimulate the nervous system to the extent that it can perform the activity it needs to successfully achieve the desire. For this reason, what is needed is the most comprehensive coordination, the most perfect function and the profound power of the idea in the mind, all in a manner identical to the effective executive capacity of the nervous system. Help us create effective solutions to this problem by using emerging technology.

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