Ideathon Overview: Overview: Overview:

  • An ideathon is a short, intensive, brainstorming event to help young talents generate fresh solutions to existing challenges in their communities. Participants work in teams and use innovative ideation practices such as design thinking to brainstorm on possible solutions.

Welcome Address

  • The National Health Information Center (NHIC) is delighted to bring you the Ideathon 2019.
  • We present Ideathon 2019 to help the healthcare sector in further enhance the quality of healthcare services, being provided to our community, and if you truly value the importance of enhancing the experience of each person it serves, this event is a must attend event for you.
  • The overall objective of this event is to explore insights on health innovation as a strategic drive for healthcare provision by sharing international and local best innovation practices in recognizing the role of innovation approach and technology to improve patient health outcome and understand the impact of innovation on quality and cost of healthcare services.

Purpose of The Ideathon

Creates Platform

Creates Platform for Saudi Young Talents to Brainstorm and Share New Innovative Ideas

Markets and Promotes

Markets and Promotes the Creation of the National Lab for Emerging Tech in Healthcare

Engages Potential Stakeholders

Engages Potential Stakeholders from Academia, Government & Private Sector in the Lab Ecosystem

Raises Awareness

Raises Awareness of Emerging ,Technologies and Their Impact on the Healthcare Sector

Offers a Fun and Exciting

Offers a Fun and Exciting Way for Saudi Young Talent to Get Involved in Their Communities

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